Everyone these days seems to be in rush to find the magical answer to get somewhere as fast as possible and achieve goals faster. People see others achieving something quickly and want to find out how they did it so that they can replicate their process to achieve the same result.

These same people are always asking Brian how he gets through his tasks so quickly and he tells them the truth about how he gets through his tasks and progresses further with his business, but they never believe that it’s an extremely simple process. They think that he’s holding back the secret sauce, so to speak. So we’re going to let you in on the secret right now, how do you achieve success quickly?

People keep track of time in days, weeks, years, but they don’t count for shit if you’re putting in the hours

You work HARD. Simple right? But working hard means not dragging your feet or spreading out tasks over days, weeks or months, it means putting in consistent hours and just getting things done, completed and out of your way so that you can switch your focus to the next thing and keep progressing forward. There are a number of steps that need to be taken to reach any goal, which are roughly the same to any individual trying to achieve that goal and short of being extremely lucky, you’re going to have to complete ALL of the steps in order to achieve success. Delegate and outsource where you can (but be careful how you do so) and streamline your processes, set yourself realistic goals to achieve what you’re looking to achieve, and put in the hours of work necessary to follow those steps. But it’s the allocation of these hours over days, weeks, months and years that start to really affect your “speed” of growth.

Think of it this way, you’ve got a task to complete that’s going to take you 12 hours. You could either spread those hours over 12 days, or weeks, or months, and you’ll still be slowly chipping away at that task, but you won’t be getting anywhere quickly. So here’s a thought, why not work your ass off and put in those 12 hours of work and complete it in one day? Crazy right? The maths doesn’t lie – say for example you were working on the same task as Brian and he worked hard on it for 12 hours per day and you worked hard on it for 12 hours per week. Fast forward ten weeks and you’ve worked on it for 120 hours, but he’s worked on it for 840 hours! Days, weeks and years don’t count for anything if you aren’t consistently putting in the hours. The person that achieved it in a day did the same amount of work as the person that achieved it in 12 weeks, but they did it in what’s perceived to be a faster way.

Everyone always loves to talk about how many years they’ve been doing something, but if you broke down the actual hours it probably wouldn’t even equate to that much

So you need to take the same steps but you want to do so at a faster rate. But that doesn’t mean skipping steps in the process or cutting corners, it simply means putting in consistent hours of hard work. The actual hours of work you put in is a much more accurate measure of your output of work and the amount of consistent work you’ve completed, so it’s baffling when people love to talk about how many years they’ve been doing something as a selling point of their business. It’s the same marketing jargon as writing “fat free” on a packet of candy, sure there’s no fat inside but it’s still full of sugar which converts to fat, which you still shouldn’t be eating, and ironically still ends up making you fat. But people still get tricked into thinking that the candy is actually a healthier version that’s good for them.

It’s exactly the same scenario if someone tells you that they’ve been doing photography for 20 years. They may have bought a camera 20 years ago, but have they been putting in eight hours a day, five days a week on their photography for the past 20 years? Most probably not. So regardless of what people’s promotional websites say, if you haven’t been putting in the hours over those 20 years then how can you claim it? If a business has been around for a long time, that it’s potentially as bad as it is good. Great consistency over years shows stability but if it hasn’t shown any growth then is that because of the quality of their products and services, or just a lack of ambition? Lack of ambition is fine, there’s nothing wrong with being content with your level of achievement, but sometimes it might not be immediately evident if it’s an issue of quality.

The progress you make is a direct reflection of the amount of hours of work that you put in

Returning to the idea of hustling, think of this process as hustle being the hours of work you put into your business and speed being a by-product of those hours of work. Just because a peer in your field achieved something quicker and slower than you have, doesn’t mean that you have to do exactly what they’ve done or that your path is going to be the same. Think of it like a walking race – you can get from point A to point B faster by taking the same amount of steps as the person next to you but just by increasing the pace that you take those steps. How do you increase the pace? By figuring out the steps that you need to take, setting clear goals to achieve and consistently putting in the work and the hours on the things that matter, until you’ve achieved those goals – not by doing half today and half tomorrow, or next week.

Here’s a scenario for you, let’s say you have to collect 1000 “no’s” before you get a single “yes”, so you have to send out 1000 emails, make 1000 connections on social media, or meet 1000 people face-to-face. If you do one a day, one a week, or one a month, you’ll be collecting those “no’s” forever. What you should be doing is putting in the work and smashing through that task in one day, allocating the hours and going above and beyond to do the work that nobody else wants to do. That’s the difference between speed and slow.

Don’t just assume that you deserve to be successful just because you put in work

There it is, the secret sauce – motivation. Putting in the hard work that nobody else will do over a matter of HOURS, not weeks or months. Why aren’t you getting the results that you want at the pace that you want to get them? Because you’re not putting in the hours that everyone is. You’re seeing their success and their results and you’re wanting those for yourself, but they don’t come without hard work, the results you want aren’t going to be handed to you on a plate by being extremely lucky. You’re not going to become an overnight success, you need to work hard enough to create opportunities for yourself that will work in your favour.

Love him or hate him, Justin Bieber is a great example of this. People always assume that Bieber was an overnight success because he was “discovered” by Usher on YouTube. Sure, Usher saw his video and helped unleash him onto the world, but that wasn’t without plenty of hard work on Bieber’s end before this to actually create that content and promote the hell out of it for weeks on end, that nobody ever thinks about. Usher found him and pulled him up, but if Bieber never made that YouTube video with the aim of creating an opportunity for himself to showcase his talent, Usher would never have been in a position to find him, and the video would never have gone viral. There are plenty of other people out there who are just as talented, maybe even more talented, but they haven’t put the work in to create similar opportunities for themselves.

At the end of the day, don’t just assume that you deserve to be successful just because you put in some work. All the promotion in the world isn’t going to convice yur target audience to buy something that’s crap or that they’re not interested in. The only measure in the world that’s worth anything is putting in consistent hours over a protracted period of time that equal results. It’s impossible not to achieve a result if you’re constantly putting in productive hours. So keep working every single day towards your clear end goal and you’ll find that you’ll reach your desired position much quicker than you thought you would.

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