Today we pounce on Brian after our team meeting in Minneapolis to ask: What motivates you in the morning, and how are you keeping motivated on down days?

Well the simple answer here comes in the form of one word: coffee. That’s right people, Brian VENTH is a coffee guzzling machine, and that, and only that is what keeps him going. He’s open to sponsorship…

Okay, here’s the serious answer. What motivates Brian? It’s actually pretty simple, the fact that he’s literally living the dream, travelling the world and living his passion for his everyday job. He has built, and is continuing to build, a business around the lifestyle that he wants to lead and the things that make him the happiest! So what tips does he have to pass on to you, so that you can stay motivated to follow your own passions?

One of the simplest things that you can do is just ask yourself, what is it that makes you happy?

Take a minute to ask yourself, what is it that makes you feel motivated? Then when you have an idea of whatever it is that keeps you moving forward in mind, start setting objectives and making plans to establish a career or a business around that passion. But be prepared to put in the work, because you definitely won’t be on the fast track to become the richest person in the world. It’s going to take hard work and dedication to set up your own business, or even if you’re just looking to improve and develop your hobby or interest, but if you’re really dedicated to making it work the results are going to make you rich in the way that you live your life rather than in getting quick cash. Knowing that you’re progressing and getting closer and closer to your end goal every day is what’s going to make you wake up happy every day and keep you motivated to work hard day in, day out on whatever it is that you love.

Even if your passion is stressing you out right now, just take a moment to appreciate where you are in your life

Don’t stress yourself out too much if you’re having a bad day and not feeling very inspired, it’s completely natural. When you’re working hard every day and giving your business your all, it can lead to tempers within your team being a little short sometimes and make you feel like you’re putting too much pressure on yourself, which opens up room for mistakes. This is obviously something that you want to avoid. So when you’re feeling stressed, just take a step back from what you’re working on, look at where you are and ask yourself if what you’re doing is really making you happy. If you feel that overall it IS making you happy, even if it’s not making you happy right in that very second, just take a breather to appreciate where you are in your life and reflect on where you used to be. Give yourself some kudos for all the hard work you’ve done so far – because starting your own business is a tricky thing to do, it takes a lot of courage!

Rediscover your passion and motivation through positive association

If you’re not feeling motivated or feeling uninspired, it may simply be because you’re feeling overwhelmed by the amount of things on your to-do list. Everyone has tasks they need to get through that they’re not that invested in, so the easiest way to tackle a lengthy list is to pick one thing that you’re most interested in and throw yourself into it until it’s completely finished with it and happy with the result. Then that positive association and feeling of achieving something will motivate you enough to smash through the rest of the things on your list that you otherwise couldn’t be bothered with before. It’s the same as when you’re trying to overcome some kind of creative block or something like that. If you’re trying to edit a series of images or something and you’re not sure what to do, then just go and start editing something else and just keep moving through things until you find something that you’re enjoying and having fun. Even the tiniest achievement is enough to give you a positive feeling to get your motivation levels back up and running, getting you back in a more positive headspace and really improving your mood.

After all, the key to staying motivated is to be constantly rediscovering your passion. If you’re feeling low, focus on tasks that are going to get you excited about what you do again – you’re living your dream so enjoy the ride!

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