Everyone these days seems to be getting behind the ‘hustle’ catchphrase, thinking that it means that they have to do their business super fast, rushing around frantically and just causing unnecessary stress in their lives that could otherwise be avoided.

But do you know what? Hustle doesn’t mean that at all. It simply means to put in the work, usually the work that nobody else will or wants to do, and get stuff done – as smoothly and efficiently as possible – so that you continue to progress and improve. Rushing through tasks will only leave room for mistakes to be made, and ain’t nobody got time for that, right?

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast

When it comes to the task at hand, there’s no point running around like a crazy person with no idea what you’re trying to achieve – you need to sit down and formulate a plan of action and a list of goals you hope to get through as a result. So take the time to really be honest and ask yourself what your overarching goal is, then you can put your head down and figure out how to go about putting a plan in place to get there. In the military they have the phrase “slow is smooth, smooth is fast”, which is a good saying to keep it in mind and apply to your own business. For example if you watch them in action, clearing a room or something like that, it’s slow and methodical but they complete the task at hand quickly. Nobody is running around like a headless chicken, everyone has a job to do, everyone knows what their job is and they just get on with it to the best of their ability. How do they achieve this streamlined process? By practising over and over again so that when they execute the plan for real, they’re doing so at a pace where there’s no margin for error. That’s what hustle is about, it’s about learning, planning, executing, and constantly refining the way that you do things.

It’s not about the speed of your execution it’s about figuring out your objectives

Yes you’re going to be working long hours, yes there will always be deadlines and appointments that you’re late for, which means that at times you’re going to feel rushed – but don’t make that your constant state of being. If you’re always feeling rushed then you’re going to create extra stress and you’re never going to create the right working environment that you need to thrive. Hustling is always going above and beyond for your craft and working hard, so not only do you need to work hard but you need to work smart – so work at a calmer speed and set out clear objectives to achieve. You have to work harder than everybody else but always be re-evaluating things that have gone wrong in a constant cycle to streamlining your processes, and this applies to your whole team. If your working processes are as streamlined and refined as they can be, then not only does it make it less likely that mistakes are going to be made, but it also gives you that extra capacity to hustle even more.

Even I’ve been subject to feeling unnecessary stress when it comes to executing pretty straightforward tasks, releasing content for you guys once Brian has created it. I have to deliver the content to each different platform and always end up feeling rushed, trying to push it out all at the same time to each different outlet. So I do understand how easy sometimes it can feel to get stressed – but  you have to keep in mind that the speed in which you execute a task is not necessarily paramount to the success of that piece of content. Try to keep calm and avoid the inherent franticness that comes from starting a whole long list of tasks and needing to get them done. Stress and franticness create opportunities to make mistakes, which then makes the task take longer.

The one thing we can’t get back once it’s spent is time

The amount of time that people spend fixing mistakes is crazy. A plus to making sure your working processes are as streamlined as possible is that you’re going to create more time for yourself – a valuable commodity to your business. You’re going to have more time to interact on social platforms, send out more emails, take more meetings and make more sales, which is what you want to be doing, always doing more and more. That’s the definition of hustle to us – always trying to move onwards and upwards through executing your ideas and evaluating their strengths and weaknesses afterwards, whilst keeping your stress level down. Minimise stress and maximise positive experiences and you’ll start to actually enjoy your work, meaning that putting in long hours won’t seem like a chore and will become fun for you, because you’re passionate about what you’re doing and you’re playing by own rules, in your own time.

One of the things that the Japanese are good at, especially if you’ve checked out ‘The Toyota Way’, is streamlining their processes perfectly, spending more time and effort on planning and less time on executing the plan, because the plan they have in place is so meticulous that they leave no room for error. So they execute their plan quickly and concisely, with as little errors as possible, losing less revenue as a result.

So in summary? Hustle isn’t speed, it’s having a clear goal and working towards that goal as smoothly and smartly as possible. It’s moving at a pace that’s calm and mistake-free and achieving things more quickly as a result. It’s identifying your objective, setting up a plan, working your ass off, re-evaluating any mistakes and starting all over again if you have to. Keep that cycle in mind and you’ll be golden – the head of a well-oiled sales machine.

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